Joseph M. Harris,,

Concept Artist/ Storyboard Artist/ Illustrator/ Graphic Designer
February 2007 - October 2011
Silver Cord
Pacifica, California
Comicbook Colorist
Colorist on the company's pilot book

December 2008- February 2009
Indigenous Math & Science Institute, All Nations Louis Stokes AMP, National Science Foundation
Pablo, MT
Poster Artist
Painted graphic and designed layout for stipend poster

August 2006
London, England
Tutorial Writer/ Artist
Artist and Illustrators, Issue 242
Trained in traditional media
Fluent in Adobe PhotoShop
Familiar with Google SketchUp
University of Montana
Missoula, MT
Bachelor of Arts (Fine Arts)
Graduated with honors
4 Semesters of Japanese language
Jogging and fitness (finished 2 marathons)
Staying up to date with findings in archaeology and palaeontology
Sampling rums from around the world
Playing video games